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When disaster strikes……..

What would you do tomorrow if your RS6000 or AS400 was stolen or destroyed today?


Where would you turn for a replacement system that is compatible with your backup software?


How long would it take you to be able to service customers again?


These are just a few of the questions you need to ask yourself if a disaster strikes your office.

We have the answers.

Steven M. Weiss & Company and our IBM Partner, SourceOne, Inc. are pleased to announce a new service designed to give you the help you need as part of your disaster recovery plan.


Disaster Recovery Services is a program

that will allow you to register your complete RS6000 or AS400 system configuration with our technical support group. This information will be kept on  record so that in the event your system is stolen or destroyed, a replacement system capable of supporting your database can be shipped to a location of your choice within 48 hours..


Plan Benefits

·        Rapid shipment within 48 hours of a replacement system in the event your system is stolen or severely damaged beyond repair

·        Replacement system billed at competitive prices with a 10% subscriber discount or select our optional monthly rental

  • Enrollment assures your credit approval. No delays in shipping due to financial issues


  •  All equipment is original IBM components
  •  All equipment is guaranteed eligible for IBM maintenance. We can arrange an IBM maintenance for you
  • If within 90 days of your loss you decide to purchase a new system from us, 80% of the purchase price paid for the replacement system or 50% of the monthly rental less freight will be credited towards your purchase
  •  Upgrades provided by us to your existing registered system are automatically added to configuration.
  • Software consulting time to help restore your system will be provided at a discounted rate.
  • We will assist you with replacement of any printers, personal computers, file servers or any other equipment needed on a priority basis at discounted pricing


Attention Owners of IBM RS6000 & AS400 Systems:

We offer the complete line of new IBM RS6000 and AS400 series systems. In addition, we offer complete upgrades and IBM software products and always at competitive prices. Replace slower processors and smaller capacity disk drives or tape backups with higher performing and larger capacity components for better performance to protect your investment.


Upgrade your existing equipment with refurbished original IBM equipment at a fraction of the cost of new. All components are fully warranted and guaranteed eligible for IBM maintenance. We can arrange complete installation of your purchase. Why live with tired equipment, consider upgrading to a higher performing refurbished model today.


We can also provide IBM on-site maintenance contracts for your system at discounted prices.




Disaster Recovery Services Registration Form




Agency Information

Agency Name:





City, State & Zip













System Configuration




Series:                            Model:

Serial Number:


Internal Drives:


External Drives:


Backup Drive:


Serial Controller:

8 Port(  ) 16Port (  )  64 Port (  ) 128 Port(  )




Monthly Registration Fee  $100




Bill Me Quarterly     (       )


Bill Me Annually  $1,000  (      ) Save $200








Please include an “ls.configuration” and fax completed form to:

Steven M. Weiss & Co. (805)-496-0230









E-mail:sweissco@gte.net or try this link
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All Prices Subject to Change and are based on F.O.B City of Industry, CA